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Mark Leckey


Mark Leckey, ‘BigBoxStatueAction’ (2003)

Live event at Tate Britain, London. Strapped together and reaching the same proportions as its sculptural counter-part (by Jacob Epstein), Leckey’s speaker stack explores the space in sonic equivalence to the solidity of the form in front of of it. Occasional emissions of largely appropriated sounds address the mass as if to probe and interrogate it in a manner that suggests it is trying to understand it, testing it out. When utilised for performance the sounds hit rib-rumbling low ends at ear-ringing volume.



by Gummbah

Kris Vleeschouwer

vleeschouwer wait until 2

Wait Until II (2006) by Kris Vleeschouwer

A glass is mounted on a small shelf. Under the shelf a display with 3 numbers is always moving. When, by chance, the display shows 3 identical numbers, a piston pushes the glass a little bit to the edge until finaly it falls. After this “accident” the process starts all over again with a new glass.

Breaking the law – Wal eht gnikaerb

But they did come up with this…

Judas Priest and Tseirp Saduj