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Ieke Trinks

Ieke Trinks, ‘Act I’ (2007)

A performance that took place during a party. The performer was dressed somewhat clown-like and was a member of the audience. The performer sat, walked around, made small-talk, observed, drank, attempted to snatch peanuts and smokes. Afterwards a report of the performer’s experience was made. This report, combined with pictures of the particular evening and a discreet male voice-over, were put together into a video.

Kutlug Ataman


‘Andrew Beyer’, a video-work from ‘Paradise’ by Kutlug Ataman

“I enjoy doing it because people remember me. I am also now in the Guinness Book of Records as the worlds oldest performing clown in the whole world. I have a certificate I show at my performances. It is also in the book, on page twenty-one in this year’s edition. I’ve been retired now from my regular job for about twenty-five years. But still I enjoy doing the parties, and I enjoy having people tell me that they remember me for so long.”