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Anne Collier



Anne Collier, ‘Crying’ (2005) and ‘Clouds’ (2012)

Marius Watz



Universal Digest Machine‘ (2005) by Marius Watz.

The Universal Digest Machine is an installation featuring a web spider that crawls the net, digesting web pages and outputting a brief analysis of their contents. The display unit is an industrial thermal printer mounted on a plinth. For every page visited by the spider, a receipt is printed, falling on the floor unless taken by a visitor.

Achille Devéria

Achille Devéria, ‘The Puppets’ (1824)

Michael DeLucia

Michael DeLucia, ‘Corner’ (2008)

Letha Wilson

‘Sunset Airplane Wilderness Ranch’ (2010) by Letha Wilson.

Carson Fisk-Vittori


‘Sunset’ (2008) by Carson Fisk-Vittori.

Jack Falanga


Jack Falanga, Untitled (Fireworks) (Ongoing)

Jack Falanga will participate in ‘WHAT’S THE POINT OF GIVING YOU ANY MORE ARTWORKS?‘ !