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Amos Latteier



‘Calculator haikus’, by Amos Latteier

Latteier wrote haikus by using the numbers on calculators to form words and then turning the calculator upside down.

“The calculator vocabulary is rather limited. I have come up with 118 words. I wrote a program to search the dictionary and select words that can be spelled using the letters that can be formed on a calculator. Among these are such choice words as gigolo, besiege, and ghee.”

Here’s one:

“Illegible blob
Legless eggshell oozes oil
Elegize his loss

Hellish shoe is beige
I slosh soil, slog hill

Hobble, oh high heel”


Rachel Carey




Pictures and audio of Rachel Carey‘s installation ‘Haiku potatoes (for autumn)’ (2008)

Lenka Clayton

Afbeelding 9

Afbeelding 10

Lenka Clayton, ‘Repairing Lebanon’ (2007)

A series of five digitally repaired images of buildings in Lebanon damaged by the 2006 conflict with Israel

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