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Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt, 2 Flutes and a Violin, 2014

Mike Pratt, ‘2 Flutes and a Violin’ (2014)

Li Mu

LiMu_Threshold old books, candles2009

Li Mu, ‘Threshold’ (2009)

Ariel Schlesinger


‘Zu erinnern und zu vergessen’ (to remember and to forget) (2008) by Ariel Schlesinger.

William Speakman



‘National’ (2003) by William Speakman.

Installation with several rooms. One containing a woodworking machine, National Geographic magazines and sawdust mixed with popcorn. And one containing waxed furniture.

Brad Troemel

‘Lava lamp in washing machine’ (2012) by Brad Troemel

Anish Kapoor


‘Shooting into the corner’ (2009) by Anish Kapoor

Installation at the Royal Academy of Arts in London (2009). A canon shoots 11 kilograms heavy wax balls into the corner of the next room.

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