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Ger van Elk


Ger van Elk, ‘The well-shaven cactus’ (1970)

Cory Arcangel



Cory Arcangel, ‘GAO’ (2013). ASCII modified press release on e-flux.

The letter “W” was omitted from the entire press release. It was learned that many computer keyboards in the White House are missing the letter “W” which is President Bush’s middle initial. He is often known by that alone. Apparently they were removed by staff of former president Clinton.

Leo Fitzmaurice

Leo Fitzmaurice, Base (Baseball Ball Removed)  2010

Leo Fitzmaurice, ‘Base (Baseball Ball Removed)’ (2010)

Robin Waart

‘745’ (2008) by Robin Waart.

All the exclamation marks (745) removed from a single copy of “Donald Duck”‘s weekly magazine.



‘Tien boeken (Ik hou van je)’ (2006) by Robin Waart.

A collection of ten books whose “publisher’s logo’s” form the Dutch ten letter sentence “Ik hou van je” – I love you.

(also see Nina Katchadourian)

Job Koelewijn

Job Koelewijn, ‘The world is my oyster’ (1998)

At the Fons Welters gallery in Amsterdam, Koelewijn removed a soccer goal-sized part of the back wall, which created a view into the neighboring gardens.

Lara Almarcegui


“Removal of the Wooden Floor, Grafisches Kabinett, Secession” (2010) by Lara Almarcegui.

Lara Almarcegui removed and then reconstructed the floor of an exhibition space.

The Birds


A scene from Alfred Hitchcock‘s classic ‘The Birds‘ (1963).



‘Untitled (or The Birds without the birds, or give us today our daily terror)’, (2008 – ongoing) by Martijn Hendriks.

Exact copy of Hitchcock’s 1963 film The Birds from which all birds have been removed.

Another scene:

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