Monthly Archives: August 2011

Simon Dronet

‘Nouvelle vague’ (2007) by Simon Dronet.

Also see this similar video made by John Smith 30 years earlier.

Suki Chan

‘Interval II’ by Suki Chan

Wolfgang Lehrner

‘Bird watching’ (2010) by Wolfgang Lehrner.

Dave Dyment

‘Untitled (headphones)’ (2007) by Dave Dyment.

A pair of headphones is altered so that one earpiece becomes a microphone, picking up its own sound from the speaker and creating a continuous feedback loop, which is disrupted by attempts to listen closer.

Katarina Hruskova

‘Virgin Hair’ by Katarina Hruskova.

Images collected from ads for human hair sales.


Ayse Erkmen

‘Wet to dry’ (2010) by Ayse Erkmen

Tim Taylor

‘Domestic Erosion’ (2003) by Tim Taylor.


Nele Azevedo

‘Melting men’ by Nele Azevedo


Olaf Breuning

‘We are such animals’ (2005) by Olaf Breuning.

Heather McCarl

Heather McCarl makes, receives and collects these pictures on her awesome blog. Check it out!