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‘Dog call’ by Halstead

Barbra (Halstead) makes phone calls trying to locate a specific breed of a putty-colored dog, but can only describe it by its bark. (1993)

Dan Havel and Dean Ruck




Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, ‘Inversion’ (2005)

Interview here.

Ryan Trecartin

Ryan Trecartin, ‘A family finds entertainment’ (2004)

Kitchen fight

Scene from Gummo (1997), by Harmony Korine

Aernout Mik, ‘Kitchen’ (1997)

Manfred Pernice



Manfred Pernice, ‘Roulette’ (2006 – 2009)

On invitation of Beyond-Leidsche Rijn the German artist Manfred Pernice made a selection of works from Utrecht’s existing collection of public art. The sculptures selected by Pernice were temporarily moved from their common spot in Utrecht to the roundabout in Leidsche Rijn. Pernice designed a flexible rail system with eight pedestals so that multiple sculptures could be shown simultaneously and be placed in different setups.

Once every six months the sculptures on the roundabout were replaced by different works as if there were a working schedule for them. Each time a work was taken from its spot in the city and placed on the roundabout, its spot in town stood empty.

Michael Bernstein


’10 yard garden’ (2002), by Michael Bernstein.

A series of small gardens and forests placed in recycled refuse dumpsters.

Douglas Gordon


Douglas Gordon (through Szpilman)

Jeff Wall


Jeff Wall, ‘The Pine on the Corner’ (1990)


‘No more pine on the corner’ (2007), uploaded by Locator.

Gary Trinh


‘Giant Bonsais’ (2006) by Gary Trinh.

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