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Jacques Tati


From ‘Mon Oncle’ (1958) by Jacques Tati.

Monsieur Hulot lives in the old neighborhood, at the top of a building where you can see the phases of construction over time, dependent on needs and means. The old neighborhood is disheveled, though not messy. The modern cars, and their regimented driving patterns, that we see in the modern part of town are nowhere around. Rather, folks still rely on rickety old carts. Fences and brick walls have come down, have been rebuilt, and are coming down again.

Larry David


Bob Einstein and Larry David in Curb your Enthusiasm.

Beth Collar

Beth Collar island-of-the-dead-still-1

Beth Collar, ‘The Island of the Dead’, still from digital video

watch here : https://vimeo.com/98592174

Larry David


Larry David in ‘Curb your enthusiasm’.

Jûzô Itami

Jûzô Itami, scene from ‘Tampopo’, the first ‘ramen western’ (1985)

Jûzô Itami

Scene from ‘Tampopo’ (1985), directed by Jûzô Itami

David Robbins

Art Dealers’ Optical Test #1: When Peter Nagy of Nature Morte looks at the square, the near circle appears double. The reverse is true when the circle is fixated.

Art Dealers’ Optical Test #2: To Colin de Land of American Fine Arts, the string appears single wherever it is fixated, double elsewhere.

Art Dealers’ Optical Test #4: Helene Winer of Metro Pictures points to rectangle that appears to match one held up by gallery partner Janelle Reiring at each testing distance.

Art Dealers’ Optical Test #6: Light Directed from the side through the closed lid of Oliver Wasow of Cash/Newhouse Gallery will cast a shadow of the retinal blood vessels that can be seen with careful observation.

From ‘The art dealers’ optical tests’ (1987) by David Robbins

Charlotte Young

‘Artist’s statement’ (2011) by Charlotte Young



Gelitin, still from ‘Tierfick’  (1998)

‘Dog call’ by Halstead

Barbra (Halstead) makes phone calls trying to locate a specific breed of a putty-colored dog, but can only describe it by its bark. (1993)