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Germaine Kruip

Germaine Kruip, ‘A Shadow Cloud, at the still point of the turning world’ (2005)

Single slide projection of 8 original images from photographic images.

Germaine Kruip

Germaine Kruip, ‘Once it was today’ (2006)

The Red Salon in the Van Loon Museum, Amsterdam, is cast in a its own colour negative (green) by using a still video projection; all colour is thereby extracted from a section of the room, turning the space into a black and white version of itself.

Germaine Kruip

‘Marble untitled’ (2009) by Germaine Kruip

Germaine Kruip

Spotted today in De Paviljoens, Almere:


‘I see a landscape’ (2004 – 2009) by Germaine Kruip

In the exhibition ‘Germaine Kruip: Only the title remains’, I think this is one of the few works that I really liked.

There’s a short video of the work below.

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