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Helmut Smits




Helmut Smits, ‘The real thing’ (2014)

A distilling installation that turns Coca-Cola back into clean drinking water.

Frederick Kiesler

Friedrich Kiesler. Design for a Warehouse, elevated building. Ground floor free for circulation

Frederick Kiesler, ‘Design for a Warehouse, elevated building – ground floor free for circulation’

Analia Saban

Analia Saban Draped Marble (St. Laurant, Bianco di Carrara) 2015

Analia Saban, ‘Draped Marble (St. Laurant, Bianco di Carrara)’ (2015)

Tom Burr

Tom Burr-Nylon-Nude-2010-cast-iron-radiator-painted-plywood-base-nylon-stockings-122-x-95-x-95-cm

Tom Burr, ‘Nylon Nude’ (2010)

Cast iron radiator and nylon stockings.

Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni Crowned, 2013-1

Janine Antoni Crowned, 2013

Janine Antoni, ‘Crowned’ (2013)

Leo Fitzmaurice

Leo Fitzmaurice  I Knew You All Along, Installation view, Firstsite Gallery, Colchester, 2005

Leo Fitzmaurice  I Knew You All Along, Installation view, Firstsite Gallery, Colchester, 2005-1

Leo Fitzmaurice, ‘I knew you all along’ (2005)

Installation with leftover flyers at Firstsite, Colchester.

Leon Eisermann

Leon Eisermann_‘Home Invasion’, 2014

Leon Eisermann_‘Home Invasion’, 2014-1

Leon Eisermann_‘Home Invasion’, 2014-2

Leon Eisermann_‘Home Invasion’, 2014-3

Leon Eisermann, installation views of ‘Home Invasion’ (2014)

Samuel Nias

samuel nias-happiness is limited-1

Samuel Nias, ‘Happiness is limited’ (2013)

Dyed towels and towel rail.

Eric van Hove


Eric van Hove, ‘Exonomie’ (2010)

A recomposition of an original bookshelf (Section 2A) which disappeared some 40 years ago during the splitting of the Universiteit Leuven following the franco-dutch linguistic separatist movement in Belgium in 1971.

1000 borrowed books from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) and 1000 books borrowed from the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL).

De Rijke/De Rooij

derijke-derooij-bouquet IV-1

derijke-derooij-bouquet IV

De Rijke/De Rooij, ‘Bouquet IV’ (2005)

Bouquet IV, which consists of a specific flower arrangement, as well as a black and white photograph of the arrangement in a matte aluminum frame, “was organized so that its colors in black and white reproduction translate into a relatively small range of grey-shades, resulting in an even spread of tones from which high contrasts and extremes on either side of the spectrum are excluded.”