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Martin Parr


by Martin Parr.

Cory Arcangel – Arnold Schoenberg, Drei Klavierstücke op. 11–I

Cory Arcangel downloaded clips of cats ‘playing’ pianos on YouTube, and edited these clips using a code he wrote to recreate Arnold Schoenberg’s composition, widely considered the first ‘atonal’ work of music.


Mircea Nicolae



‘Romanian Kiosk Company’ (2010) by Mircea Nicolae

Thomson & Craighead

Thomson & Craighead, ‘Several Interruptions’ (2009)

Watch the video here

Francis Alÿs

Fabiola 6


‘Fabiola’ by Francis Alÿs.

‘Fabiola’ is an installation of over 300 painted copies and reproductions of fourth century Saint-Fabiola, collected by Francis Alÿs from flea markets and antique shops throughout Europe and America in the last 20 years. They are all based on a now lost original painting by french artist Jean-Jacques Henner made in the nineteenth century.

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Peter Freitag


‘Priska & Kristi’



From the series ‘Private stages’ (2004-2007) by Peter Freitag.

Amateur photographs of nudes found on the internet are obscured with the application of little “dots” that are made with punchhole irons using the colours and structures from the original image, leaving the silhouette visible.

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Dick Whyte

John Cage – 4’33” [May ’68 Comeback Special RECON]’ (2010) by Dick Whyte.

A reconstruction [RECON] of John Cage’s 4’33” (silence) using 68 amateur and professional performances sourced from YouTube.

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