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Sol Lewitt

SOL LEWITT - All ifs ands or buts connected by green lines - 1973

Sol Lewitt, ‘All ifs ands or buts connected by green lines’ (1973)

Li Mu

Li Mu_sellinghis2020year_project involves him selling all the work that he will produce in 2020

Li Mu, ‘Selling his 2020 year’ (2009)

The artist proposed to a collector that he collects all the work that he, the artist, will produce in 2020 (even though it’s hard to tell what his work will be like in 10 years). The price of these 2020 works is 300.000 RMB. Through a legal agreement, the artist guarantees to the collector that he will produce no less than 6 works in 2020 (and all editions will belong to the collector). The artist also guarantees that, after 10 years, the value of his work will be at least double the price of what the collector would pay today.

Goran Trbuljak

Trbuljak_Old and Bold_2008

‘Old and bald I search for a gallery’ (2008) by Goran Trbuljak

Nathan Crothers


Nathan Crothers, ‘For Sale poster’ (2011)

Christian Bök & Micah Lexier

micah lexier

Christian Bök & Micah Lexier, ‘Two Equal Texts’ (2007)

Steve Van den Bosch


________, by Steve Van den Bosch (2009)

Roman Ondák

roman-ondak_Fluid Border, 2009

Roman Ondák, ‘Fluid Border’ (2009)

Transparent hose, water pump, glass container, water.

Pierre Ardouvin


Pierre Ardouvin, ‘L’île’ (2007)

Alan Fertil & Damien Teixidor


Alan Fertil & Damien Teixidor, ‘Model for a fountainhead’ (2012)

mixed media. 290×290 cm

Wilfredo Prieto

Wilfredo Prieto gum2 Wilfredo Prieto gum1

Wilfredo Prieto, ‘Smart gum’ (2008)

chewing gum