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Giovanni Giaretta

Giovanni-Giaretta-Untitled (Portrait study)-2012-1

Giovanni-Giaretta-Untitled (Portrait study)-2012-2

Giovanni-Giaretta-Untitled (Portrait study)-2012-3

Giovanni Giaretta, ‘Untitled (portrait study)’ (2012)


Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene‘ played at 33 rpm.

Tue Greenfort

792 006

Tue Greenfort, ‘Water cooler’ (2008)

The artist tapped into the museum’s water supply and brought it from the basement up to the second floor, where it was cooled by frozen boxes of concentrated fruit juice and provided to visitors for free.


‘Ultra-slow Wuthering Heights’ by RobbJMcToo

Thanks, Dirk!

Ryan Thompson

‘Tree fell site’ (2007-2087), by Department of natural history (Ryan Thompson)

Documentary footage of a tree felling is slowed down to mirror the life span of the tree, 80 years. The video will play once through, thus ending in the year 2087.

‘Tree Fell Site (Stump)’, pigment print (2007)

Boris Dornbusch

‘Slow change’ (2009) by Boris Dornbusch

Jonathan Schipper

slow inevitable1


Jonathan Schipper, ‘Slow inevitable death of American muscle’ (2008)

This sculpture is a machine that advances two full sized automobiles slowly into one another over a period of 6 days, simulating a head on automobile collision.  Each car moves about three feet into the other.  The movement is so slow as to be invisible.

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