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François Gérard


François Pascal Simon, Baron Gérard, ‘Portrait of Juliette Récamier‘ (1802)

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier – Freehold Maisonettes, the hanging gardens

Le Corbusier, ‘Freehold maisonettes – the hanging gardens’

Bernard Tschumi


From ‘Advertisements for Architecture’ (1976-77) by Bernard Tschumi.

Tschumi illustrated several of his early theoretical texts with Advertisements for Architecture, a series of postcard-sized juxtapositions of words and images. Each was a manifesto of sorts, confronting the dissociation between the immediacy of spatial experience and the analytical definition of theoretical concepts.

Alec Soth

alec-soth_Charles, Vasa, Minnesota 2002

Alec Soth, ‘Charles, Vasa, Minnesota’ (2002)

Yona Friedman



Designs for the Ville Spatiale by Yona Friedman

The Society of Beaux-Arts Architects

A photograph from the 1931 Society of Beaux Arts Architects Costume Ball, where architects traditionally dress up as their best/most famous building.

In front and center is William Van Alen, architect of the Chrysler Building.