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Lucy McKenzie




Lucy McKenzie, ‘Fascist Bathroom’ (2012)

Charles Ray

Plank Piece, Charles Ray, 1973

Charles Ray, ‘Plank piece’ (1972)

Louise Bourgeois

louise bourgeois legs

Louise Bourgeois, ‘Legs’ (1986)

Wiebke Siem

wiebke siem - Turner

Wiebke Siem, ‘Turner’ (2012)

Katharina Fritsch

Katharina Fritsch  Display Stand with Madonnas  (1987-1989)

Katharina Fritsch, ‘Display Stand with Madonnas’ (1987-1989)

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sofia Hultén


‘No No No No No No’ (2011) by Sofia Hultén.

Mels Dees

MelsDees-monument sg01

‘Z.t. (Monument sacro-gastrale)’ (2005) by Mels Dees.

Angela Bulloch

Angela Bulloch, Staedtische Galerie Wolfsburg, 2011, Dossier-8


Angela Bulloch, ‘Grid Drawing Machine’ (1992)

John Körmeling

John Körmeling, ‘Drive-in ferris wheel’

Zhang Qiang

Zhang Qiang, ‘Duchamp’s Ferris Wheel’ (2011)

“Forever” Brand Bicycle, Cast Iron and Stool