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Simon Fujiwara




Simon Fujiwara, ‘Desk job’ (2009)

“A typewriter sits in the middle of a desk surrounded by a litter of screwed up paper, notes typed on file cards, and reference photographs of architectural details, erotic sculpture and gay pornography. Copies of the one-page synopsis of the novel are stacked on the desk, setting the fictional parameters as it describes the novelist’s thwarted attempts to write, his ultimate seclusion and his indulgence in clandestine sexual activities inspired by and in defilation of the building’s sleek Modernist architecture. The synopsis ends with the first line of the novel: ‘A novelist is living in an exquisitely crafted modernist house …’, a line we see typed on the sheet of paper in the typewriter.” (Kirsty Bell in Frieze Magazine, Issue 132, June–August 2010)

David Maljkovic

David Maljkovic

From the series ‘Retired Form’ by David Malkovic (2008)

Knut Henrik Henriksen

knuthenrikhenriksen_FACADE CHARADE, 2008

Knut Henrik Henriksen, ‘Façade Charade’ (2008)

B. Wurtz


Untitled (Frisbee) (1984) by B. Wurtz

Bodys Isek Kingelez

Bodys Isek Kingelez

Bodys Isek Kingelez2

Two architectural models (‘Extreme models’) by Bodys Isek Kingelez

Sam Kronick

Slow Internet Cafe - Sam Kronic, Director of The Consortium for Slower Internet

‘Slow Internet Café’, by Sam Kronick, director of The Consortium for Slower Internet

Gabriel Kuri

Gabriel Kuri, INVERTED LIGHTBOX 2, 2011

Gabriel Kuri, ‘Inverted Lightbox II’ (2011)

Mike Pratt

mike_pratt_I've left the key under the rock in the garden 2011

Mike Pratt, ‘I’ve left the key under the rock in the garden’ (2011)

Jota Castro


Jota Castro, ‘Shanghai’

Sislej Xhafa


Padre / father / baba / pate Pio’ (2003) by Sislej Xhafa.