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Pierre Ardouvin


Pierre Ardouvin, ‘L’île’ (2007)

Wilfredo Prieto

Wilfredo Prieto gum2 Wilfredo Prieto gum1

Wilfredo Prieto, ‘Smart gum’ (2008)

chewing gum

Brian Khek

Brian Khek - CD, 2010

Brian Khek, ‘CD’ (2010)

Maarten Vanden Eynde


‘Preservation of Ikea tea-cup’ (2005) by Maarten Vanden Eynde

When the Ikea catalogue became the most printed book in human history (beating the bible for the first time ever), Vanden Eynde decided to give history a hand and preserve an Ikea tea-cup. Climbed over the fence of Il Foro Romanum, the old city center of Rome, he buried a tea-cup under the observation of a visiting crowd of shocked tourists. The cup is still there, to be discovered by future archaeologists.


‘Genetologic Research Nr. 22: 60937 Ikea-era, 2005 A.D. Rome, Italy’ (2005) by Maarten Vanden Eynde

A new Ikea tea-cup and plate were broken and afterwards restored with restoration paste. It was made in the same week as the intervention work Preservation of Ikea tea-cup.

Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson, Geology Survey. 24_6_10. 500 meters open arc, east of A10,on hazard plinth2010

Graham Hudson, ‘Geology Survey. 24_6_10. 500 meters open arc, east of A10, on hazard plinth’ (2010)

James Beckett

James Beckett, Stack Facade-1-2011_mixed deteriorated exotic woods

James Beckett, ‘Stack Façade 1′ (2011)

Mixed deteriorated exotic woods.

Ryan Gander


‘Rietveld Reconstruction – Diego’ (2006) by Ryan Gander.

Two Rietveld cargo chairs and Rietveld cargo table.


Giancarlo Neri


Giancarlo Neri, ‘The writer’ (2005)

Marek Kvetan

marek_kvetan-HERITAGE 2012-2

‘Heritage’ (2012) by Marek Kvetan

Sam Durant



Sam Durant, ‘Scaffold’ (2012)

A combination of reconstructed gallows (scaffolds) that were used for executions in the United States.