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Chris Burden


‘Five Day Locker Piece’ (April 26-30, 1971) by Chris Burden.

At the University of California, Irvine, Chris Burden locked himself in Locker Number 5 for five consecutive days. He rigged the locker above him to hold five gallons of bottled water, while the locker below him held an empty five gallon bottle. His then-wife, Barbara, slept on the floor in front of the locker some nights, “in case I really flipped out or something,” the artist wrote in a 1975 untitled statement.

Gregory Polony

gregorypolony_Neue Perspektiven 2013

Gregory Polony, ‘Neue Perspektiven’ (2013)

Kate Owens

Kate Owens, ‘His caution’ (2009)

Hans Schabus

Hans Schabus, ‘Meterriss (Meter Level)’ (2011)

Al Martino (RIP)

‘Volare’ (1976) by Al Martino (*October 7, 1927 – †October 13, 2009). 

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Irving Penn


‘Marcel Duchamp’ (1948) photograph by Irving Penn (*June 16, 1917 – †October 7, 2009)

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Patrick Swayze (RIP)

‘She’s like the wind’ (1987) by Patrick Swayze (*1952 – †14 sept 2009).

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