Yves Klein, ‘Saut Dans le Vide (Leap Into the Void)’ (1960).

“Volare”, that famous song and kitsch schlager, was about… Yves Klein!

The chorus of the song goes “volare”, but the original title is “Nel blu dipinto di blu” (“In the Blue Painted Blue”), a reference to the famous blue that the artist Yves Klein made his signature.

The song has been covered at least over 100 times. Many recorded versions exist.
I collected some of the best:


Volare, Oh!, Oh!,
Cantare, Oh!, Oh!, Oh!, Oh!
Nel blu, dipinto di blu,
Felice de stare lassù.

To fly, Oh!, Oh!,
To sing, Oh!, Oh!, Oh!, Oh!
In the blue, painted blue,
Happy to be up there.

Domenico Modugno

‘Het eerste liedje’


28 years later…



Bobby Rydell




Gipsy Kings

Si, senor



Frank Valentino

Tien om te zien (amazing Belgian style)



David Bowie

Ground Contol to Major Tom, something has gone very wrong!!



Barry White

Dark brown feeling



Captain Jack

We’re all going to Mallorca!



Super Mario Brothers




Al Martino

Amazing video in the Alps.



Tony Clifton

Jim Carrey in the movie ‘Man on the Moon’.



Football Fans

They don’t really know the lyrics…



Fabio Ferrara




Chrysler Volare commercial (1979)

Loss of words…



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  2. laurent Malherbe
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    Tony Clifton rules,..[in het Italiaans?!]

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    Inderdaad, ik versta d’r niks van! Hier is de Engelse versie:

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    Al Martino dies at 82, October 13 2009.


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