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Gwen John

A Birdcage (House in a Landscape)-1920s-Gwen John

‘A Birdcage (House in a Landscape)’ (1920s), by Gwen John.

Alice Neel

alice-neel_Hartley with a Cat, 1969

Alice Neel, ‘Hartley with a Cat’ (1969)

Niels Kalk


by Niels Kalk

Tue Greenfort


‘PET-Flasche’ (2008) by Tue Greenfort.

“Producing 1 kilogram of PET plastic requires 17,5 kilograms of water and results in air emissions of 40 grams of hydrocarbons, 25 grams of sulphur oxides, 18 grams of carbon Monoxide, 20 grams dioxide. In terms of water use alone, much more is consumed in making the bottles than will ever go into them.”

B. Wurtz


by B. Wurtz

Peggy Franck

Peggy-Franck_A shift in focus, 2012

Peggy Franck, ‘A shift in focus’ (2012)

Hannah Whitaker

Below images are photographs by Hannah Whitaker. Via

hannah witaker-rabbit

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Steve McQueen


‘Deadpan’ by Steve McQueen (1997). Watch the video here (click realplayer or quicktime).

Reminiscent of a typcial Buster Keaton mise-en-scène, McQueen stages a deadpan humourous scene, where the house front collapses but leaves the figure mysteriously intact by leaving the window open.

Clip from Buster Keaton in Steamboat Bill Jr (1928). Watch the entire film here.

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