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Cory Arcangel



Cory Arcangel, ‘GAO’ (2013). ASCII modified press release on e-flux.

The letter “W” was omitted from the entire press release. It was learned that many computer keyboards in the White House are missing the letter “W” which is President Bush’s middle initial. He is often known by that alone. Apparently they were removed by staff of former president Clinton.

Warren Neidich




Warren Neidich, ‘Book exchange’ (2010)

Neidich designed this rotating book shelf to hold all the books Sarah Palin supposedly wanted censored from her local library in Wasilla Alaska. All these books were bought off the internet and placed on the shelf. The members of the community were sent an invite to come to the gallery carrying a red book which they were asked to exchange for one of the shelved books. When all the books have been exchanged for and the work becomes a red monochrome the work is completed.



‘Bookshelf’ (2010) by Collectif_fact (Annelore Schneider & Claude Piguet)

Ignasi Aballi

Libros 2000 by Ignasi Aballi

‘Libros’ (2000) by Ignasi Aballi

Christian Mayer


‘Temporary Gallery Office’ (2005) by Christian Mayer.

Packaged IKEA furniture and furnishings, bought and brought back after the show receiving full refund.

Lance Wakeling



‘Stately, Plump Buck Mulligan’ (2010) by Lance Wakeling.

Robert Cumming

robert cumming-shaving cream alphabet 1970

‘Shaving cream alphabet’ (1970) by Robert Cumming

Josef Bauer


Josef Bauer, ‘Body Gallery’ (1974)