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Stuart Ringholt

stuart ringholt_still from this person is dead

Still from Stuart Ringholt’s ‘This person is dead’

Carles Congost

Carles Congost_still from Supercampeon_2000

Still from ‘Supercampeon’ (2000) by Carles Congost

Watch here.

Kim Beom

Kim Beom, Yellow Scream (2012) - 1

Kim Beom, Yellow Scream (2012) - 2

Kim Beom, ‘Yellow Scream’ (2012)

Watch full video here.

Ross Taylor


Ross Taylor, ‘Wem-bley-mar-ket’ (2012)

Ad Rheinhardt



Ad Rheinhardt in his studio.

Gal Weinstein

galweinsteinAttached to the Ground, 1999

Gal Weinstein, ‘Attached to the Ground’ (1999)

Jan Hoeft



Jan Hoeft, ‘Passage’ (2008)

Aldo Rossi

aldo rossi_san cataldo cemetary

Aldo Rossi’s San Cataldo cemetery, a ‘City for the Dead’.

Construction began in 1978 and to this day stands at roughly fifty percent completion. The site was originally to contain the ossuary cube and a series of rib-like buildings, which terminated in a cone housing the communal graves.


Arman-long term parking'-1982

Arman, ‘Long-term parking’ (1982)

B. Wurtz


B. Wurtz, untitled (4 views) (1988)