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Giny Vos

Europoint Marconiplein Rotterdam

Europoint Giny Vos Work to do

Giny Vos, ‘Work to do’ (1985)

Intervention on the lighting scheme of the Europoint towers in Rotterdam.

Stefan Brüggemann


by Stefan Brüggemann

Bruce McLean

Pose Work for Plinths 3 1971 by Bruce McLean born 1944

Bruce McLean, ‘Pose work for plinths 3’ (1971)

Eilis McDonald


Eilis McDonald, ‘Opening The Chakras’ (2009)

Original here, 7 quicktime players playing 1 windows startup sound & 1 found image indicating 7 areas of the body affected by excessive mouse usage.

(thanks again)

Anatol Knotek

“light on – licht aus” by Anatol Knotek.

Claire Fontaine

Claire Fontaine, ‘No family life’