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Barbara Bloom

Barbara Bloom Monument to J.-L. Godard, 1986

Barbara Bloom, ‘Monument to J.-L. Godard’ (1986)

Petrit Halilaj


‘Poisoned by men in need of some love (Bubulcus ibis)’ (2013) by Petrit Halilaj.

Vitrine backdrops from the Museum of Natural History of Kosovo (print on cardboard), brass plate, one bird made of iron, soil and excrement (as shown at Wiels).

Kelly Nipper

Kelly Nipper, ‘Circle Circle’ (2007)

Watch an excerpt of the video here

Marc Kremers



As found – Hollywood‘ (2006) by¬†Marc Kremers.

Collection of photos found on the internet, taken in front of a fake backdrop at Universal Studios.

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