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Mariah Garnett


Mariah Garnett, ‘Banana’ (2012)

Pavel Banka

Pavel Banka, ‘Hills & Meadows # VIII’ (1999)

Gelatin Silver Print

David Hockney

‘Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)’ by David Hockney (1971)

Klaus Mosettig


Klaus Mosettig, ‘Processual Minimalism’ (2006)

An installation consisting of 4 plexiglass boxes filled with ant colonies, and 1 empty box in the middle. During the course of the exhibition, the ants constructed a hill in the middle box.



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Maider Lopez

Maider Lopez - Ataskoa1

Ataskoa was a public announcement, made in the newspapers, over the radio, with flyers, posters, etc. to create a traffic jam in the hills.

On 18th September 2005, 160 cars (approximately 425 people) gathered at Intza, Navarre, on the sides of Mount Aralar. The jam started at 11am. and ended at 15pm.

Maider Lopez - Ataskoa2

Maider Lopez, ‘Ataskoa’ (2005)