Monthly Archives: September 2011

Kelly Mark

‘Nothing Is So Important That It Needs To Be Made In Six Foot Neon’ (2009) by Kelly Mark.

Claire Fontaine

??? by Claire Fontaine

John Tremblay

‘7 Major Problems’ (2010) by John Tremblay.

Bethan Huws

‘Andreas Slominski’ (2003) by Bethan Huws


Another one from an unfortunately unknown source. If anyone knows..?

John Baldessari

John Baldessari, ‘The pencil story’ (1972)

Charlotte Young

‘Artist’s statement’ (2011) by Charlotte Young

Michael Bell Smith

‘Art Tape: Live With / Think About’ (2011) by Michael Bell Smith.

Ethan Buller

‘Never mind’ by Ethan Buller

Martin Creed

Martin Creed, ‘Thinking / Not Thinking (Work #1090)’