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Siân Robinson Davies


Siân Robinson Davies, ‘Explaining Sense and Sensibility to an Old Deer’ (2010)

“Wollaton Hall is a 16th century house in Nottingham, with grounds inhabited by freely roaming deer and rooms housing a vast collection of taxidermy animals, and is said to have influenced Jane Austin’s novel Sense and Sensibility. In Explaining Sense and Sensibility to an Old Deer I read sections of the book to a dead stag, while explaining human traits such as irony, sadness, empathy, sexist humour and equal opportunities by trying to equate them to social situations that the deer might once have found itself in.”

Grayson Cox

Grayson Cox, Ergonomic discussion lectern 2010

Grayson Cox, Ergonomic discussion lectern 2010-2

‘Ergonomic discussion lectern’ (2010) by Grayson Cox

Dico Kruijsse



‘Dialogue between slideprojector and stroboscope’ (2012) by Dico Kruijsse.

Gerhard Richter


Gerhard Richter, ‘Two Sculptures for a Room by Palermo’ (1971)

Two plaster heads, painted with gray oil paint, one a self-portrait of Richter, the other a portrait of the German artist Blinky Palermo. The heads face each other across the room, with eyes closed as if each artist is actually looking inward.