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Patrizio Di Massimo, ‘Duet for cannibals’ (2010)

Born as a commission from the city of Milan to make a portrait of African immigrant Abdullay Kadal Traore, ‘Duet for Cannibals’ works as a dialogue between him and the artist. During the dialogue he shows Abdullay a drawing of his and ask him if he would like to make what is shown there for the commission – it’s an erotic position that they should both take.

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‘Faccetta Nera, Faccetta Bianca’ (2010)

A video installation in which a black man puts his face inside the ass of a white man and then vice versa. The work refers to the story of two colonial songs (Faccetta Nera and Faccetta Bianca), which were born as commissions during the Ethiopian war. Their misinterpretation in Italy nowadays is the main core of the work – they are examples of our colonial culture that arrived to our time without almost knowing it.

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‘Untitled (Thoroughbred)’ 2010

Performance connecting Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts with Marco Aurelio’s sculpture, Campidoglio, Rome. The event involves a horse and his rider repeatedly covering a path, at gallop, between the gallery space and the nearest square with an equestrian sculpture.

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‘Ben bene’ (2010)

A Stele in front of the foundation space has been constructed making a hole in the ground and bringing the earth close to the hole created.


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    Circoncisione rituale:

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    White guy diving his face into black guy’s meaty ass is the hottest visual i have ever seen. Thank for posting.


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