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Jimmie Durham


Sneak Bear
Snuck Boar
Snake Bare
Snock Beer
Snook Burr
Snick Boor
Snike Byre
Snuck Burr
Sneak Bare
Snake Beer
Snook Boor
Snack Bore
Snack Beer
Snack Bare
Smack Bar
Smack Bare
Smack Bear
Smack Boar
Slack Bear
Slack Beer
Slack Boor
Back Snar
Back Snore
Black Snare
Black Smear
Black Sneer
Or Perhaps
Bacr Snak


‘Snack Bar Variations’, from Poems That Do Not Go Together, by Jimmie Durham (2005)

A video of the artist reading some of his poems:


h&m -17_Nature-appears-As-one-looks-Looking-at-this-that-painting-such-a-picture


Hadley+Maxwell, ‘Nature appears, As one looks Looking at this that painting, such a picture,…’ (2010)

collage on paper of 7 English translations of the novel ‘The Idiot’, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.