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Hadley+Maxwell, ‘Metal Pessoa (Carte)’ (2012)

Re-designed menu, part of a body of work entitled ‘Metal Pessoa’. This also includes a performance with a recording of Maxwell reading Fernando Pessoa’s unsigned, “Letter to Two French Magnetists” (1919), interpreting it through a range of voices influenced by Heavy Metal styles. Listen to an excerpt here: http://www.hadleyandmaxwell.net/metal-pessoa-berlin/


h&m -17_Nature-appears-As-one-looks-Looking-at-this-that-painting-such-a-picture


Hadley+Maxwell, ‘Nature appears, As one looks Looking at this that painting, such a picture,…’ (2010)

collage on paper of 7 English translations of the novel ‘The Idiot’, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.