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Liz Glynn

‘On the Museum’s Ruin (Morris – Hunt – Corbusier – Piano)’ (2010) by Liz Glynn

Created at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, designed by le Corbusier, during the renovation of the Fogg Museum of Art, initially designed by William Morris Hunt, with renovation by Renzo Piano.  The chairs were cast based on Le Corbusier’s iconic LC2 design using rubble from the museum renovation.

Sarah Morris

Above: ‘BEIJING’ (fragment, 2008), below: ‘Midtown’ (1998), by Sarah Morris.

The first film and latest film by Sarah Morris, both alienating and seducing at the same time. ‘BEIJING’ shot during the Olympic Games in 2008, ‘Midtown’ 10 years earlier in New York City.

Robert Morris


Robert Morris, ‘Box with the sound of its own making’ (1961)