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Jordan Wolfson

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Jordan Wolfson, ‘Con Leche’ (2009)

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Shot on video in Detroit Michigan, the characters walk through the desolate streets in real video sometimes in groups and sometimes alone. The image wobbles, flips and turns inside of the video frame. A commercial voice over actress speaks from texts Wolfson collected from the internet referencing identity, technology, memory and mortality most of which are personal accounts spoken in first person. Every few minutes Jordan Wolfson interrupts her giving basic formal instructions and adjustments distorting her tone, volume, and “sex”

Asli Toy

Asli Toy, ‘Samanyolu’ (2010)

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Barbara Visser

‘Lecture with actress’ (1997)

For a discussion night on the topic of reality and fiction, the artist was invited to talk about her practice. Instead, Visser employed a tall blond actress with no previous knowledge of her work, to do the lecture instead, equipped with an invisible earpiece, repeating – almost in slow motion – the words prompted to her by the artist.

‘Lecture on lecture with actress’ (2004)

[…] a different actress giving a lecture, again as Barbara Visser, on the first performance, illustrating her talk with video footage. Self (re)presentation becomes entangled in conceptual strategies that result in carefully choreographed confusion. (text by Sven Lütticken)

‘Last lecture’ (2007), by Barbara Visser

In this last episode a full circle is made. In this performance, the two previous videos projected, and the artist, seen only in the form of a silhouette behind the screen, is dubbing the voice of the second actress, who in her lecture, is recalling the first event.

Cornelia Parker / Tilda Swinton


‘The Maybe’ (1995) by Cornelia Parker in collaboration with Tilda Swinton.

At the Serpentine Gallery famous actress Tilda Swinton lay asleep inside a glass vitrine.