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Jordan Wolfson

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Jordan Wolfson, ‘Con Leche’ (2009)

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Shot on video in Detroit Michigan, the characters walk through the desolate streets in real video sometimes in groups and sometimes alone. The image wobbles, flips and turns inside of the video frame. A commercial voice over actress speaks from texts Wolfson collected from the internet referencing identity, technology, memory and mortality most of which are personal accounts spoken in first person. Every few minutes Jordan Wolfson interrupts her giving basic formal instructions and adjustments distorting her tone, volume, and “sex”

Jordan Wolfson

‘Untitled’ (2007) by Jordan Wolfson combines¬†the Prologue by Philip Leider from the film “Painters Painting The¬†New York Art Scene 1940-1970” (by Emile de Antonio, 1972) with Wolfson’s own footage of a slow pan and zoom of a Mac Classic Computer sitting on the edge of a rural highway.