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Sal Randolph


Free Manifesta‘ (2002) by Sal Randolph.

A place in Manifesta 4 was purchased for $15,099 from Christoph Büchel in an eBay auction, and any artist who wished was invited to exhibit their work as part of Free Manifesta. Over 225 artists & groups participated in free public art projects.

Christoph Büchel


‘Invite Yourself’ (2002) by Christoph Büchel.

After being invited to Manifesta 4, Christoph Büchel sold his participation rights to the highest bidder on eBay.

Richards Jarden

Richards Jarden, ‘Facial Angle’ (1970)

“The angle formed on the face by two straight lines drawn from the base of the nose, the one to the base of the ear, the other to the most projecting point on the forehead. In antique statues the facial angle is usually 90 degrees. As a general principle it may be said that intelligence is proportional to the facial angle. It is at any rate an incontestable fact that the lower one descends in the human race the more the facial angle diminishes.” Jules Adeline, The Adeline Art Dictionary