Roman Ondák



Roman Ondák, ‘Czech Pavilion in the Giardini’, Venice Biennial (2009)

The garden landscape surrounding the Czech pavillion is continued inside.


‘It will all turn out right in the end’ (2005-06)

The museum’s main hall is copied as a scale-model.


measuring ondak


‘Measuring the universe’ (2007)

People visiting the exhibition are offered to be measured by museum attendants.

roman ondak - good feelings in good times

‘Good feelings in good times’ (2003)

A queue of six stands in front of the entrance to the Frieze art fair for days on end.

Afbeelding 1

‘More silent than ever’ (2006)

A room with a hidden eaves dropping device.

Afbeelding 3

‘Teaching to walk’ (2002)

A young woman is asked to teach her one year old son to walk in the gallery space, every day for half an hour.

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