Pierre Bismuth


‘In prevention of technical malfunction (unplugged Bruce NAUMAN video work)’ (2003) by Pierre Bismuth.

“In prevention of technical malfunction (unplugged Bruce NAUMAN video work)” is a humorous reference to a situation with which every exhibitions visitor is familiar: videos that can not be seen because of technical problems. All that can be seen here is the presentation medium, namely, the monitors. According to Bismuth, the work that should be running on these monitors is “Good Boy, Bad Boy” by the famous American artist Bruce Nauman. Instead, the viewers have to call it up in their mind’s eye, or imagine something themselves based on the title. We, as recipients are thus challenged to a very high degree to become actively, creatively involved.


‘Exhibitions’ (2008) by Pierre Bismuth and Claire Fontaine.

Bismuth and Claire Fontaine’s joint venture ‘Exhibitions’ consists of a series of videos in which curators mime an artwork of their choice. The aim of the project is to render a certain form of protagonist presence to the body of the curator. By using the physical potential of communication to describe a plastic form, language becomes secondary and another type of wordless comprehension is instituted and shared with the spectator.

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