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‘Deep Play’ (2007) by Harun Farocki.

‘Deep Play’ brings together 12 different perspectives on one of the biggest broadcasting events ever – the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany, seen by an estimated 1.5 billion viewers worldwide. The screens combine the artist’s own footage, FIFA footage, digital analyses and 2D and 3D animation sequences, so that we see the event from unexpected viewpoints.


‘Deep Play’ unpicks the nature of 21st century media spectacle: it bombards and dazzles our senses with an excess of data and digital imaging. From one viewpoint, we watch the stadium guards and see their tedium, literally behind the scenes of the pitch. From another angle, we watch the team coaches howling and hollering at the field. On a third screen, the channels’ directors control our viewpoints. On a fourth, the players become avatars, uncannily moving in synchronisation with their live counterparts. On a fifth, we can see each player’s speed, their percentage of possession, the number of shots on goal undertaken – and more. Every conceivable aspect of the game is surveyed, assessed and processed in real time. (text and images via)

More about ‘Deep Play’ on Artintelligence.net.

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