Palle Torsson

Palle Torsson - exorsist

Palle Torsson, ‘The Exorcist’

All images from Palle Torsson’s ‘Directory of evil interiors’ (2003).

palle torsson-terminator


palle torsson-shining

‘The Shining’

Palle Torsson - psycho


palle torsson-reservoir_dogs

‘Reservoir Dogs’

palle torsson-godfather


palle torsson-cape_fear

‘Cape Fear’

palle torsson-clockwork_orange

‘A Clockwork Orange’

And as a bonus, the work ‘Assvideo’, from 1996:

Full-length feature films were projected and recorded on the ass of the artist and shown in a booth. These films were later shown at given occations as ass versions of the films.

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