Frederick Childe Hassam


Frederick Childe Hassam, ‘Spring morning in the heart of the city’ (1890)


a kind of loving

Book cover for Stan Barstow‘s novel ‘A Kind of Loving’ (1967)

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier – Freehold Maisonettes, the hanging gardens

Le Corbusier, ‘Freehold maisonettes – the hanging gardens’

Yona Friedman

friedman_Ville spatiale-1959

Model for Yona Friedman‘s ‘Ville Spatiale’.

Costantino di Sambuy

2-isometric(trees) copy

Costantino di Sambuy, ‘Battle of the Generic’ (2012)

Frederick Kiesler

Friedrich Kiesler. Design for a Warehouse, elevated building. Ground floor free for circulation

Frederick Kiesler, ‘Design for a Warehouse, elevated building – ground floor free for circulation’

Tijmen van Dijk


Tijmen van Dijk‘s photograph of a Dutch goverment building in Groningen in ruins.

Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth South East Spain, 2007, 2013

Richard Wentworth, ‘South East Spain, 2007’ (2013)

Michaela Meise

michaela-meise-Blende (rot-blau) - 2008

Michaela Meise, ‘Blende (rot-blau)’ (2008)

Theaster Gates



Theaster Gates, ‘Ground Rules (Scrimmage)’ (2015)

Reclaimed wood flooring.